xferlogDB maintained by
webbie - webbie [at] users.sf.net and r0ach - r000000000ach [at] users.sf.net


A PHP/MySQL tool for analysing xferlog from glFTPd, and it is compatible with version 1.x up to 2.x. xferlogDB reads the log file from glftpd and adds the data to a MySQL database. The rest is done by PHP scripts.

Download: xferlogDB.tgz
See the demo here. It is empty right now, I need a good xferlog.


Required a MySQL/Apache server running (with PHP support) and read access to the glftpd log files See README file.


2004.04.16: v0.8 <- current release 2003.12.24: v0.7 2003.09.04: v0.6 2003.05.16: v0.5 2003.01.04: v0.4.3
NOTE: The path to the logfiles is now set in 'dbconnect.php'

2003.01.03: v0.4.0 2003.01.02: v0.3.5 2002.12.10: v0.3.3 2002.12.03: v0.3.2 2002.12.02: v0.3.1 2002.12.01: v0.3.0